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Law Soup gives you basic information that may answer your questions. But if you have a Female lawyer research officecase or situation that you need help with, you may need a lawyer, or possibly just a document preparation service. We’ve compiled some great resources for you on this page.

I just have a quick legal question. What resources are available?

Law Soup: First, check Law Soup’s Key Laws to Know to see if there’s an answer. (We’re constantly working on adding more content. Check back often!)

Instant Lawyer” Service:

This is a new form of consulting with an attorney, in which you simply request a lawyer through an app or website, and often you can get an attorney to call you or video chat within 15-30 minutes. The fee for the consultation is set by the service at a reasonable price, around $40 for 15 minutes.

  • Avvo Advisor: 15 minute phone call for $39
  • Quicklegal: 15 minute video chat for $49; 15 minute text chat $29

See more details here.

I need more help than that. What should I do?

First, of course, try to find a good lawyer.

Try calling your local bar association and ask for a lawyer referral service.

Attorney directories:

  • allows you to get lawyers to compete for your case!
  • is the world’s largest online legal directory. Search for a lawyer in your location below.

I’m not sure if I can afford a lawyer. What are my options?

Ask your local bar association if they have a sliding scale fee program, or simply tell them you are looking for a lower cost lawyer.

Note about costs: If you are thinking about suing, for certain types of cases, such as employment or personal injury, you may be able to get a lawyer to handle your case for NO out of pocket cost. These lawyers often simply take a percentage of any money you win in court (this is called working on “contingency”).

Free or low cost legal services. If you don’t have much income, you may qualify for “pro bono” legal services, which is free or low cost legal assistance, which you can find out about at For small businesses, the SBA (Small Business Administration) offers free consultations with lawyers for those who qualify. Also try legal clinics at law schools or through community organizations.

Document preparation services or templates

Need a will, contract, or are you thinking about incorporating your business? It’s always best to have a lawyer prepare documents specifically for your needs. But in a pinch, and on a tight budget, document preparation services are better than nothing. Keep in mind that these services don’t really help you understand what courses of action to take, so you may end up getting services you don’t really need, and wasting some money. So at a minimum, try to get even a brief consultation with a lawyer, such as with an instant lawyer service (see above).

Here are a few resources:

  • The Shake app helps you create basic contracts for a variety of situations, for free!
  • Legal Zoom and Rocket Lawyer help you create documents for a variety of purposes, from incorporating a business, to creating a will.
  • LawTake is a website where you can buy templates of various common documents, written by lawyers. You can also watch informative videos on a variety of legal topics.



NOTE: Law Soup is not directly compensated in any way by any of the organizations listed here.