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Yay We Now Have Net Neutrality! What is it? (4 Minute Explanation)

Young people college kids using internet

Big news today about the internet! It’s now going to stay pretty much the same. Um, what? Quick backstory. Since the internet became a thing, users have generally been able to access most websites without much interference from Internet Service Providers (or ISPs, like Verizon, AT&T, TimeWarner, etc). ISPs were providing their customers (you) with equal access and speed to

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Outlet Stores: Deals and Deception. How They’re Likely Violating the Law and Getting Away With It

Holiday shopping sale

Having many people in our lives that we love is usually a great thing… except when it comes time to buy holiday gifts. To avoid breaking the bank, many people plan to shop on Black Friday (which apparently now starts as Black Thursday Evening at some stores), or at outlet malls or “discount” retailers such as TJ Maxx. But if you think you’re gonna get great deals

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